Buying a laser cutting machine

If you have a requirement for a laser cutting machine, cost is a very important factor during any decision making process. Here at CadCam Technology we strive to ensure that our products are of the highest possible build quality and standards whilst maintaining extremely competitive prices. Our design, development and manufacturing process is entirely in house and take place here at our premises in Nottingham. We have built and distributed laser cutting machines the world over for the last 20+ years. We have specially trained engineers on hand and ready to visit your premises should you require support. People seeking laser cutters can undoubtedly see the benefits and opportunities that they may create for their businesses. Naturally they want to buy the best, Here at CadCam Technology we offer tried and tested solutions and spectacular results.
We are proud to offer products that produce extremely high cutting quality, imported and inexpensive machines cannot compete in regards to cut quality, longevity or quality of technical support. We offer brand new laser cutting systems for as little as £10,000 (GBP), our prices are always competitive thus if you are in the market for a high quality laser cutting machine, look no further.

What to consider when buying a laser cutting machine

What size laser cutter do you need?
How big are the materials that you are looking to cut? The size of your raw material denotes the required size of your cutting bed which in turn determines the size of the whole machine. Our standard range of machines covers bed sizes from 600mm x 400mm to 2400mm x 1200m.
What laser power is best for you?
Different laser powers can be used on different materials. For example if you are looking to cut 20mm acrylic the preferred laser power would not be a 30w laser as the cutting process would be much slower than the cutting speeds of a 100w laser, for example. However, a 30w laser is ideal for laser cutting a wide range of fabrics and materials such as paper, card and thin acrylic. Do you need any added extras for your laser cutter? Unlike most other laser cutting machine manufacturers each one of our machines is built to order – Because of this we are able to develop one-off attachments or extras should you need it to help smooth your laser cutting process. The standard extras that we have available include camera systems, embroidery hoop fittings, rotary devices, shuttle beds and conveyor systems. Our design engineers are highly trained with many years of experience and will strive to develop anything else that our customers should require. If you know what materials you want to cut, know what size bed you require or even if you feel you need a new totally custom system developing please feel free to contact us for a discussion or a quote today.
Please feel free to download PDF brochures of our laser cutting and engraving machines. Click below.
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