Bespoke laser cutting machines

The FB Series and Graphixscan laser systems are available with a choice of laser powers, cutting bed sizes and styles to suit most standard laser cutting applications. As our machines are designed, developed and manufactured to order here at our headquarters in Nottingham, UK our whole range of laser cutting and engraving machines can be customised to suit your laser cutting needs, whatever they may be. The size and type of bed can be changed to suit your own requirements. Additional features like roll feeds, conveyorised systems and waste trays can be designed, manufactured and added to your machine if you wish.
Bespoke laser cutting machines
Bespoke laser cutting machines
Bespoke laser cutting machines
Bespoke laser cutting machines

Bespoke laser cutting machines

The machines we have manufactured in the past have been used for varying applications across numerous different industries. We have the ability to design and manufacture totally new and original machines depending on your own requirements, from concept to finished product.
Custom laser cutting machines
Custom laser cutting machines
Custom laser cutting machines
Custom laser cutting machines

Example Bespoke Machines meeting specific customer requirements:


A retail unit specially designed for instant decoration on a multitude of devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops. It has touchscreen software with pre-set device templates for you to design using an in-built library or using your own images via USB or memory card. The Graphixskins machine prints and cuts with ease and uses a special vinyl that is easy to apply to devices minimising any air bubbles.
Graphixscan Sprinter
An in-line laser cutting system working in harmony with a screen print carousel. The precision of the systems laser control means that it is capable of cutting extremely intricate designs in seconds whilst the printer is laying down ink at the other stations. The Sprinter laser machine can be used to cut out or engrave intricate patterns up to 800mm on garments or garment panels, on-press and in perfect registration, introducing a whole new world of unique creative embellishment possibilities....
This machine was designed specifically for component marking. Any shape or size part can be positioned in the machine and automatically marked with company logos or part numbers. All types of material can be processed, from plastics to metal.
Music card cutter
This machine was built to cut very specific and continuous designs from a narrow roll of card using our precise roll feed system and collection tray.
Four head laser cutter
Developed for a customer who wanted to laser cut repeating patterns onto varying materials. This attachment has the potential to massively increase production of repeating patterns which can be used across a wide range of industries.
Please feel free to download PDF brochures of our laser cutting and engraving machines. Click below.
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