Embroidery Software - Artisan Plus

Artisan Plus
The Artisan Plus module is a valuable addition to any company that requires the ability to create their own embroidery designs. It enables a smooth transition from receipt of an initial artwork through to a finished embroidered sample. A variety of labour saving tools exist including automatic routing and underlay.
Path copy
This is an excellent tool for repeating objects around a specified shape. Simply select the object that you wish to copy, specify the number of copies and the path to be followed. The copies will be produced with equal spacing in-between.
Automatic Applique
This innovative feature allows the transformation of vectors or digitised outlines into an applique design. Having selected the object you wish to applique it is possible to specify a Mark out effect, apply a Frame movement and Stop to allow placement of the applique fabric, followed by Cover stitches to complete the design.
Stitch Estimator
The integrated Stitch Estimator tool allows you to load/scan an image and generate an estimation of the number of stitches that the finished design will contain without having to digitise it first. It is possible to add some of the features of the Virtuoso Plus software to Artisan Plus, enabling you to tailor the software to your own needs.
Satin Serial
This is an invaluable tool that allows the digitiser to create borders that automatically have a user controlled set width. This is particularly useful when using poor quality artworks.

This is just a small selection of what features are available in the Artisan Plus tool. Contact your dealer for further information.
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